A Documentary film about meet up culture in Los Angeles.

Next Screening - The Glendale International Film Festival (2019) @ Laemmle Theater in Glendale

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Check out the trailer.
In an era where everyone is stuck on their smart phones Los Angeles creatives are using social media to meet up together and explore their creative sides.

Pull Up LA is a film that goes deep in a little known yet highly circulated world of meet up culture. It is a window into a world full of creative and talented artists with different goals, but one mission. To create! This documentary inspires you to get out! Shoot! Interact! I had a great time at the premier in LA. I peeped it at the first glance film festival. I believe it took home a bunch of awards. Deservedly so. It was good from start to finish. I’d see it again. -KJ

Some of the featured work inside the documentary.